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December 7th, 2008

Icon Post 01

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So this is my first post that has a significant amount of icons created by me. *Clap for me* Included are holiday, harry potter, and stock or a mixture of two or these ie harry potter holiday. Also forgive me in advance for over usage of snow.
1. NO HOTLINKING (Please!)
2. Comment (PLEASE!)
3. Do not alter without permission! (Which I promise is easy to get!)
4. For my general resources please go HERE
5. For specific resources for what and on which icon, see the bottom of this post.
6. Enjoy! and Merry Christmas!(or other holiday)

1- 4 : Harry Potter Holiday/Winter
5-14: Harry Potter
15-18: Stock Holiday
19-23: Stock

001 002 003


November 26th, 2008

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Resource page
Every resource I download will be here, even if I don't use it. Eventually this will be a very long list!


ainohanako: Snowlights brushes/textures x3
blogosaur: 9 flames brush set *lost link*
extraobsession: frame and tiny text set
eirenealetheia: Sharpie brush set, Spectrum gradiant set
icon-dreams: Initials brush set, christmas textures
kloud-nine (or LJ): Plaid_boxes set, and Feathers set
mutsie: Banner Masks #15
shiranui: "Ice Ice Baby" brush set, "Autumn Glory" brush set, Christmas brush set

PICTURES : Harry Potter promo shots, wonderful site.
Leaky Galleries : Harry Potter : stock photos
nihil-est @ livejournal : Screen caps for Numb3rs episodes: rampage, one hour, and dark matter

ET: Hopefully the links work now.
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Discovering Brushes and new Ginny Icon

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So I have been exploring icon communities and boy have I had my eyes opened. Frankly I'm actually rather mad. I took six credits of college photoshop, three classes! And I have no idea about brushes, textures, or anything. We brushed against filters but were told that they're really rather tacky and not to use them often. We learned some about levels and coloring but well I barely remember it! And now I'm almost out of school and I look on the web and see what some people are doing in there free time and I feel like a total and complete idiot! It makes me want to cry actually. I had to look at a tutorial on how to load a brush! *sniff* Well I did cheer myself up a bit when I tried to experiment with brushes. I used eirenealetheia's sharpie brush in the corners, the squigley, and kloud-nine's plaid boxes set for the boxy background. The three are basically the same picture just gradually more 'icon-like' See the icons and the orginal pictures )

November 23rd, 2008

Green haired ron icon

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So I saw an tutorial on changing hair color. When I saw a lovely picture of disgruntled!Ron I couldn't resist my impulse.
Here's the icons:
1. Ron with green hair with words I'll get you Malfoy 2. Ron with green hair with words I'll get you Malfoy
I did it at a very big size though and now I think that the words just blah. You can barely read them. So I redid it without and left it to the viewer's imagination how Ron ended up with slytherin green hair. Maybe he wants to be an umpa lumpa for halloween? By the way anyone is more than welcome to have the icons, just comment to me and give credit to me by putting my ij name in the comments of the icon.

Behind the cut is the full size version.Read more... )

My Favorite Sandwich

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For no reason at all I've decided that I want to 'publish' my favorite homemade sandwich, that I've recently discovered.

Warning: Not meant to be a low-fat food

Asiago Cheese Bread
Canadian Bacon slices
Cheddar Cheese (Sharper the better)
Dil Pickles
Cream Cheese

Instructions: *grin*
Toast bread lightly. On one face place cheddar cheese, on the opposite a thick layer of cream cheese. Microwave for ~30 seconds to melt and warn. Place pickle slices into the cream cheese. Layer meat on top. Cap it with the cheddar slice. Cut in half, and enjoy.

*grin* Yes I know you don't need that many instructions. But the sandwich is just so prefect that I can't help but want to share it at it's most perfect. That said the special bread we get from the local bakery and I don't really know how common it is. Regular bread I'm sure is also good. If your not a canadian bacon person I can also recommend honey smoked turkey. And now I'm off for my own perrrrrfect sandwich.

November 22nd, 2008

Icons, headers, layouts oh my!

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A few pictures and a lot of rambling.

So I've had lots of fun playing with the screenshots from the new trailer. Which by the way is awesome and you should see it if you haven't. New Trailer The Leaky Galleries has some really nice HD trailer stills. And I came across this other website: Unfortunately that one insn't in english. Anyway so I've been playing and looking at some other peoples stuff.

Check out [info]pfodge at her journal or her icon group: [info]pattys_iconhome. Over 50 percent of her stuff is Queer as Folk so I don't like, don't get, can't really appreciate a lot of it. But even then some of the icons are just beautiful, characters I don't really know or not. But then she also does a lot of stock ones. I put a lot of them in my icons so if you want to see my favorites just look at my user pics.

This inspired me to look for tutorials and [info]pfodge lead me to [info]inside_kinnetik and this post. It uses paint shop pro x2 (which I have no idea what that is) but it was easy enough to translate that to my own photoshop cs2. And wala! I made this:
poloraid of ron in an Oh No moment
magnificent no? I could wish it bigger but the angle part of it cuts into the space.

I also made my new default:
Draco Malfoy from Half Blood Prince with words I am a Fool
Not exactly brain surgury to do but I like it all the same.

And last but certainly not least is my beautiful header.
header using tonks
Which I can take very little credit for. Basically I copied and pasted the background til it was big enough. Then wrote the text and gave it a basic glowing edge. But I love the picture! I hope that my color scheme for my journal is matching alright.

Well that's it for now. Later

November 17th, 2008


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I've decided to rec stories I like here. With the tag system I think if I put keywords for each rec, including mood themes, I'll be able to find all the fics I want under that. Unfortuneatly this means that everything I find I will have already read, but... well when I'm in a mood it will help me. And maybe somebody will also read this and enjoy these wonderful stories. Far warning though, like the three posts that will come after this one, I like to follow an author till I either reach the end of their stories or at least the ones I enjoy. Maybe if I have time later I'll rec stories I haven't read recently.

ETA: I've decided to friend lock all but the most innocent recs, but please feel free to friend me, or even comment that you would like to be friended,ans I'll fiend you!
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June 10th, 2008

Fun Journal

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Hey, so I started a journal with blogger for a class, and decided to make a fun journal, for the other things I like. So as not to bore my classmates. I like art and I am going to school for Graphic Design, I'll graduate end of this year.

I love books, I'm reading constantly... well as long as the book has no redeeming educational value. ;) My favorites are anything by Mercedes Lackey, Robbin Hobb(except for the soldier son series... those are just weird), or J.K. Rowling(in other words Harry Potter). I like to read fan fiction but find it hard lately to find long, well-written fics.

About the pen name Fool is a character in Robbin Hobb's Farseer Trilogy, Liveship Traders Trilogy, and her Tawny Man Trilogy, and is my favorite character ever! Hence my journal name!

I have little interest in working around the TV's schedule and sadly do not have a tvo or anything like it. So I make do with renting my series all a once and go on a spree on the weekend. Which means I'm usually a season... or seven behind the times. *shrug* Mostly I don't care. I like to watch the sci-fi/fantasy/dark fantasy types, stargate (sg-1 and Atlantis), ghost whisperer, star treks, quantum leap(old favorite). My current favorite is Medium.

Well there's my intro to me!
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